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Our specialist cleaning products in Wolverhampton will efficiently clean a wide range of substrates. These products can be used on stains, grime and dirt to get the surface prepared for a protective coating. We manufacture and supply both general and heavy duty cleaning products that have been developed for a wide variety of applications. Whether you require sterilising solutions or a tough mortar cleaner, we can bring you an unrivalled range of products.

All of our products are dispatched from our base in Wolverhampton, and we supply to domestic and commercial clients throughout the UK and across the world. For more information, do not hesitate to get in touch.

General Cleaning Products

We have a variety of high-quality general cleaning products that are easy to use, and they produce great results!

MC1 Multi Clean

This is a water soluble degreaser that effectively removes staining and grime from pre-fabricated buildings and other hard surfaces, including Plastisol and painted areas.

SP1 Security Paint

As a non-oxidising, non-setting coating this paint is constantly greasy and mobile which acts as a deterrent to burglars and vandals.

SS1 & SS2 Sterilising Solution

These sterilising solutions can protect against mould, algae and fungi. They are formulated to be used on walls before redecorating and they provide minimal risk of re-infection.

SN1 Salt Neutraliser

This is an aqueous solution that is used to overcome the problem of salts in building surfaces including new plaster, stone, brickwork or concreate. This will prevent or reduce efflorescence.

Nu-Bloc Stain Blocker

An effective stain blocker for interior surfaces that include new or old plaster walls, dry walls and new or previously painted wood. It will prevent stains from grease, smoke, soot and fire from bleeding through the substrate of your surfaces.

WD1 Wash Down Solution

We supply this water soluble degreaser that can remove paint removers and other grime from walls and ceilings prior to redecoration. It can also be used on painted surfaces.

PC1 Pave Clean

This blend of solvents and detergents will thoroughly clean your outdoor paving. It can remove everything from soil to chewing gum!

DC1 Deck Clean

This is a degreaser that can remove staining and grime from hard surfaces such as concrete floors and walls. It can also be used on painted surfaces.

Heavy Duty Cleaning Products

Need to remove stubborn stains or grime? Choose our heavy duty cleaning products.

BC2 Brick Cleaner

The BC2 Brick Cleaner is a strong acidic liquid that can remove heavy grime from sandstone and brick when used with pressure washing. Furthermore, the product will cling to vertical surfaces which allow for longer dwelling time.

CM1 Cement & Mortar Cleaner

This is an acidic liquid that has been formulated to specifically remove cement and mortar stains from surfaces.

OD1 Oil Dispersant

Our non-caustic, non-flammable oil dispersant and emulsifier. It does not contain hydrocarbon solvents or caustic alkali so it is safer and ecologically more acceptable than many other dispersants.

HS1 Hydron Strip

This is a blend of products and biodegradable detergents that have been developed to remove multiple layers of paint where a class 0 substrate is required. It provides an extended dwell time that allows effective penetration into the paint layers. It is non-flammable and ideal for use on walls and soffits.

Get In Touch For Industrial Cleaning Products

Contact us for industrial cleaning products in Wolverhampton, across the UK and throughout the world.

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