Energy Saving Coatings

Wall Coatings Wolverhampton

With our range of wall coatings in Wolverhampton you can enjoy savings on your heating bills. The Nu-Guard® NRG range includes energy saving coatings that are specially designed and tested for internal and external use. In addition, they are suitable for a wide range of domestic, commercial and industrial settings. With increasing energy costs and extreme weather conditions, coating your property can result in sizeable savings by effectively reducing heat loss.

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Protective Wall Coatings

Both of our products, Nu-Guard® NRG Clear and NRG Colour, are designed to not only save you money, but they will also protect your building substrates from water ingress. Therefore, you can reduce the heat loss in your property while also preventing any water damage to your masonry work. These products also give a stunning aesthetic finish to a property and they offer multi-functional benefits! This is because they use the most technological hybrid chemistry available. These benefits include:

Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Home

Nu-Guard NRG Clear

This is a unique clear impregnation coating system that uses the most advanced hybrid chemistry. It is suitable for all types of mineral-based substrates including brickwork, concrete as well as natural and reconstructed stone. It offers great resistance against stains and dirt, and it can also protect against penetrating damp.

Nu-Guard NRG Colour Primer & Topcoat

This is a new generation, coloured external coating system that provides superior weather protection for masonry. It improves the energy efficiency of homes and offers a natural, clean appearance. The Nu-Guard NRG Colour consists of a primer basecoat which is applied in 2 coats and a topcoat that is applied in 1 coat.

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