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Fire Retardant Paint Wolverhampton

For fire retardant paint in Wolverhampton, throughout the UK and all over the world, get in touch with us today. We offer international delivery and can provide products suitable for a wide range of substrates in a number of clear or pigmented decorative finishes. Our Nu-Flame paint systems have been developed for walls and ceilings where an upgrade to a Class 0 surface spread of flame rating is required. Furthermore, we have products that can coat steelwork, wood and timber.

For further details on our range, please get in touch with us today.

Fire Resistant Paints

Our fire resistant paints will give your property the decorative finish you are looking for. The full range includes:

The paint systems comply with the test reports WF N° 145477 and 145478 issued by Warrington as tested on the Class 4 Warrington blue board. This is available in either a single and multi-coloured system.

Internal Fire Upgrade Systems

The Nu-Flame fire upgrade system is the ideal solution for the over coating of multi-layered paints. You can coat communal areas such as stairwells, corridors and lift lobbies without the need to strip and remove the current paint job. Therefore, you can save time and money!

Other advantages of this system includes the fact that unique site specifications can be produced, in order to create a tailor-made recommendation that suits your requirements.

Fireproof Your Surfaces Today

Fire Protection For Timber

Nu-Flame Clear Impregnation is a water-based, ready to use fire retardant solution that when applied, is absorbed into the surface of the substrate. It is for internal and external use, it is non-toxic and solvent free, completely colourless, and odourless. In addition, a variety of stains and varnish can be applied to create your desired effect.

Nu-Flame Timbercoat is a pigmented intumescent paint that is applied to bare or previously painted timber. It can be used on both internal and external surfaces, and other coatings can be applied in order to provide additional protection.

Fire Protection For Steel

Nu-Flame W Steel Basecoat is a thin film water-based paint system that provides fire resistance to structural steel and cast iron.

Nu-Flame Steel Top Coat is a hard single coat, high-build flame retardant and anti-corrosion system for steel and cast iron. It has an extended lifespan of up to 50 internal years. Furthermore, this paint is made to order and is available in any British Standard or RAL colour.

Nu-Flame Fireguard is a thin film, solvent-based decorative system. Tested to BS476:Pt 8:1972 and BS476:Pt 20:1987.

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We are based in Wolverhampton and supply specialist fire protection coatings for private clients and businesses throughout the UK and across the globe.

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