Graffiti Removal Products

Graffiti Remover Wolverhampton

Get in touch with us if you require graffiti remover in Wolverhampton or across the UK. Our products can efficiently remove graffiti from a wide range of substrates, so why not place your order today? All of our removers are environmentally-friendly and can be used on brickwork, concrete, glass, metal and also road signs! Our removers can get rid of spray paint, permanent marker pen and crayon quickly, and they are easy and simple to apply. Furthermore, we have products suitable for internal and external spaces so you can get your property looking its best again.

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Graffiti Removal Products

Look no further than our well-established company for high-quality graffiti removal products. Not only will these products neaten up your space, but by having a clean surface you can also add a protective paint or coating to prevent it from happening again.

Sensitive Surfaces

Our AG2 remover is ideal for sensitive surfaces as its ‘low odour’ formulation is suitable for plastics and other surfaces. It will not ‘haze’ transparent polycarbonate sheeting, and it can be supplied in 500ml trigger sprays or 5 litre drums.

The AG3 spray can be used on non-porous surfaces such as paintwork, glass, tiles and metals and it will remove all traces of graffiti in no time! We supply this product in 500ml trigger sprays or 5 litre drums.

Porous Surfaces

The AG4 remover can be used to clean graffiti from brickwork, concrete, stone and a number of other porous surfaces where a longer ‘dwell time’ is required for the full clean. This product is supplied in 5 litre drums.

Our SL1 shadow lifter is a specifically formulated alkaline cleaner that can be used on stubborn graffiti shadows from brickwork, stone and concrete. This is supplied across the UK in 5 litre drums.

Environmentally Friendly Graffiti Removers

We have a wide range of environmentally friendly graffiti removers that are safe and easy to use, and do not release harmful solvents and chemicals into the atmosphere.

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Look no further than Hydron Protective Coatings Ltd for graffiti remover in Wolverhampton. We provide fast UK delivery and we have become a trusted choice for home and business owners, landlords and major companies across the country. Our reputation has been built on our ability to provide quality solutions, our technical expertise and also our competitive prices!

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