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Want to protect your masonry work with high-quality paints or anti-carbonation coatings? If so, get in touch with us for masonry paint in Wolverhampton, throughout the UK and across the world. We manufacture and supply products in a wide range of pigmented and clear finishes, and everything is available in any BS 4800 or RAL colour. Whether you need products for a domestic or commercial project, we have the solution for you!

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Looking to protect your masonry? Make us your first choice! Our products offer high weather resistance and will create a durable surface, in a wide range of textured or smooth finishes.

Water-Based Masonry Paint

Nu-Guard W.B. Masonry Coating is water based exterior material. It provides excellent opacity and good adhesion to general masonry. Also, it offers over 10 years of protection for properly prepared substrates. It is approved by the British Board of Agrément, and is formulated to be primarily used on concrete and brickwork.

Nu-Guard W.B. Concrete Sealer is used to seal concrete prior to the application of other paints and coating products.

Nu-Guard S.B. Stabilising Primer is a solvent based primer. It provides good brushing characteristics and is a good hold out for subsequent coats of paint. It is for internal and external use, on surfaces such as unpainted dry plaster and concrete renders for sealing powdery residues.

Silicon Resin Masonry Paint

Nu-Guard SR Masonry is a hydrophobic water-based exterior masonry coating that utilises the latest resin technology. It provides a decorative weather-resistant barrier with a self-cleaning function! Other benefits include:

Nu-Guard W.B Concrete Sealer is a modified vinyl acetate. It is a non-flammable and non-toxic sealer. It should be primarily used on concrete and brickwork. It has excellent sealing properties and alkali resistance. It is for internal and external use.

Anti-Carbonation Coatings

Our Nu-Guard Anti-Carbonation Coating is a water based coating that offers high durability, weather resistance and adhesion to masonry like concrete surfaces. When applied correctly, it provides protection in excess of 10 years and also exhibits great breathability. It offers decoration and protection of concrete against the attack of carbon dioxide, airborne chlorides, weathering and acid rain. These products are available in any BS4800 or RAL colour.

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We offer premium masonry paint in Wolverhampton that can be delivered across the UK and throughout the globe.

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