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We offer quick-drying and hard-wearing floor paint in Wolverhampton and we supply our products to customers throughout the UK and across the world. Our extensive range includes benefits such as dustproofing, durability, chemical resistance and waterproofing. In addition, our floor paints are anti-slip for improved safety in commercial and industrial settings. These systems provide long-term protection from foot and vehicle traffic while also having decorative and hygienic qualities. Furthermore, the rapid drying allows a fast return to service!

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Our Protective Floor Paints

Clear Impregnation

Our Nu-Cryl WRS Extra is a unique oil and water repellent treatment suitable for flooring. It can be used for pedestrian areas such as car parks and paving, and it will create a non-stick surface, so chewing gum can be easily removed.

Nu-Cryl WRS Colour Enhancer is a water-based modified polysiloxane that will lift the true colour of the substrate and reduce the penetration of oil, water, frost damage and organic growth. It conforms to BS 6477:1992 and is highly resistant to weathering and UV exposure.

Nu-Base Concrete Dustproofer is a modified vinyl acetate. It is non-flammable and non-toxic, and it is suitable for internal application.

Nu-Base PU Floor seal is a moisture-cured polyurethane sealer. This is designed to dustproof and protect concrete floors against dirt, oil, grease and chemicals.

Single Pack Floor Paint

Nu-Base Single Pack Floor Paint is a quick-drying paint that is based on a polyurethane modified alkyd resin. It offers high resistance against a range of potential contaminants and leaves a decorative finish.

Nu-Base Chlorinated Rubber Line Paint is based on chlorinated rubber resin that gives good adhesion and exterior durability. When dry, the paint has high resistance to petrol, paraffin and mineral oil spillage.

Nu-Base Acrylic Block Seal is a quick-drying acrylic sealant that will protect concrete and block paving.

Nu-Base PU Floor Seal is a moisture cured polyurethane sealer. It is designed to protect and dustproof concrete floors.

Two Pack Floor Paint

Nu-Base H.B. Epoxy Floor Finish is a two pack solvent-free resin that can be used on most industrial floors, including both concrete and wood. It is ideal for use in the food industry.

Nu-Base P.S Floor Finish is a polysiloxane based coating that offers a great decorative appearance and resistance to solvents.

Nu-Base P.U. Floor Finish is a two pack solvent based polyurethane resin. It can be used on steel and aluminium and offers maximum chemical resistance.

Benefits Of Industrial Floor Paint

Industrial floor paints provide high resistance to water, oil, grease, solvents and a wide range of other chemicals. These products are available in a number of colours, as well as smooth or aggregated anti-slip finishes. Our paints are ideal for factories, warehouses, workshops, hospitals, transport depots, food processing plants and heavy-duty areas.

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