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Are you looking for protective metal paint in Wolverhampton, throughout the UK or across the world? If so, make us your first choice. We have a wide range of high-quality metal paints that have been developed to provide a variety of finishes such as weather resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and long life. Furthermore, they also come in a number of colours. Our paints are suitable for both aluminium and steel surfaces, and our systems are hard-wearing and offer many protective properties.

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Which Paint Is Best For Metals?

We have a range of paints which are suitable for coating metal systems including cladding, architectural steelwork and much more. Our paints are available in a range of finishes, and if you are uncertain about which type is right for your project, we can offer help and advice.

Single Pack Metal Paint

Nu-Steel SP Etch Primer is a single pack primer that has excellent adhesion to aluminium and other metals prior to further paint and coatings.

Nu-Steel SP Anti-Corrosive Primer/Undercoat is a reliable, high performance phosphate primer and undercoat.

Nu-Steel S.P. Finish is a metal topcoat that offers protection to all types of metals. It will give protection up to 5 years, and it conforms to BS 5493.

Nu-Steel S.P. Hammered Finish provides a hammered decorative metal finish. It offers protection up to 5 years and conforms to BS 5493.

Nu-Steel Heat Resisting Aluminium is a quick-drying, modified silicone alkyd resin-based aluminium coating. It has high heat resistance (up to 700°) and it is also resistant to petrol, paraffin and mineral oil splashes.

Nu-Steel Cladding Paint is a single pack modified acrylic paint. It can be applied on a range of surfaces including Plastisol, polyester-coated steel and aluminium cladding. It has excellent resistance to UV.

Two Pack Metal Paint

Nu-Steel T.P. Aluminium Primer is a high build epoxy-based coating. It offers excellent opacity and is suitable for correctly prepared steelwork.

Nu-Steel T.P. Etch Primer is a two pack primer that effectively adheres to aluminium and other metals. It gives protection for up to 8 years.

Nu-Steel T.P. Primer/Undercoat is an epoxy-based coating that can be used on prepared steelwork.

Nu-Steel T.P. Finish is a urethane system that provides a stunning decorative appearance. This product offers outstanding resistance to solvents and chemicals and provides protection for up to 15 years.

Nu-Steel T.P. Micaceous Iron Oxide Finish is a two pack high solids system that provides a highly decorative appearance and a great resistance to solvents and chemicals. It gives protection for up to 15 years and should be your first choice for steelwork!

Quick-Drying Metal Paints

Nu-Steel Q.D Primer is a high performance phosphate primer that is fast-drying and suitable for steelwork that is used regularly.

Nu-Steel Q.D Undercoat is the ideal quick-drying undercoat that is suitable for steelwork.

Nu-Steel Q.D Finish is a decorative metal topcoat. It offers protection for all types of metals for up to 5 years and it conforms to BS 5493.

Nu-Steel Q.D High Build Finish is a decorative metal coating system that will give protection up to 5 years and it conforms to BS 5493.

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