How Does Fire Retardant Paint Work?

Building On Fire

Fire retardant paint is a simple, straightforward way to improve the fire safety of your property. It’s particularly useful in commercial applications, where heat and fire poses a greater risk. These special paints can be applied to a number of different surfaces, including timber and steel. You can choose coloured paint or cover your existing paint in a clear, fire resistant coating. You may find it hard to believe that a paint can have such an impact on fire safety, but this is a very effective solution.

The Science Behind Fire

For a fire to start and spread, it needs to have enough oxygen, fuel and heat. If any one of these are absent, there is no fire risk. This is often represented as a triangle.

Oxygen is naturally present in the air, with normal air consisting of about 21% oxygen. Some medical environments could have increased oxygen levels, or oxygen tanks, therefore increasing the risk of fire. Fuel would be anything that can sustain a fire. Timber is a great example, but there are many everyday structural elements and items that could fuel a fire. The final part of the triangle, heat, is present from the sun’s rays, electrical energy and sparks, among other things.

There are many everyday circumstances that could pose a fire risk. Therefore, it’s an excellent idea to prepare your environment by using a protective fire retardant paint.

How Fire Retardant Paint Works

Fire Triangle

Fire retardant paint is designed to disrupt the fire triangle. The paint uses intumescent technology, which means that when it’s exposed to heat, it releases an insulating foam. The foam starves the fire of oxygen, which delays the spread. This delay can buy enough time for the fire to be put out before any major damage occurs, and also allows more time to safely evacuate the building. As a result of the reduced risk of damage or injury, you could see your insurance premium reduced.

For Fire Retardant Paints, Choose Hydron Protective Coatings

At Hydron Protective Coatings, we specialise in functional, commercial paints that deliver excellent results. We stock a range of fire retardant paints, including coloured paint, base coats, top coats and scrubbable paints. Contact us today to discuss your options. We deliver throughout the UK and internationally, so no matter where you are in the world, we can help!


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