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We manufacture and supply a wide range of stone sealers in Wolverhampton, throughout the UK and across the world. For further information, please get in touch with us today. Our unique line of products can be used on all types of stone including brickwork, concrete, sandstone, limestone, granite and slate. Whether you need to seal a patio or natural stone wall, we can offer you a reliable solution. Our Nu-Cryl range will protect your stonework against water and oil, as well as other harmful substances such as graffiti, pollution, staining, organic growth and chewing gum. This range has been formulated to alter the chemical structure of a porous surface without changing the appearance of the substrate. It will also remain moisture vapour permeable.

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International Paint Systems Delivery

Our products can be delivered to anywhere in the UK and across the world – just call now to arrange your order! Furthermore, if you are unsure about what paints or coatings you require, we can provide you with advice on our entire range to help you find the right solution.

Stone Floor Paint

Our stone floor paint can be used to treat areas with high footfall such as pedestrian areas, car parks and paving. These areas are subject to heavy wear and staining, and the Nu-Cryl WRS Extra will resist oil penetration and provide a non-stick surface. Therefore, this allows for easy chewing gum removal as well.

The Nu-Cryl WRS Colour Enhancer is a water based modified polysiloxane which provides protection while lifting the colour of the substrate. It will give a fresh new look to your stone and give your surface a high resistance to dirt and stains.

We also manufacture and supply the Nu-Cryl WRS Sand & Block Sealer which is a water-based resin, liquid surface and sand joint sealer. It bonds to sand in the joint while still being flexible, and it also functions as a surface sealer that is easy to maintain and keep clean.

Protective Stone Sealants

Did you know that our protective stone sealants also have anti-graffiti properties? The Nu-Cryl A.G and Nu-Cryl A.G Extra are hydrophobic impregnation coating systems that offer the ultimate protection against graffiti. It has great stain and water resistance as well as dirt and pollution, and graffiti can also be easily removed from the treated surface. Furthermore, no reapplication is required after graffiti removal.

Our products have been tested and they satisfy Class 0 requirements of current building regulations. They have also been tested to BS 6853 determination of weighted summation of toxic fumes and methods for measuring smoke density.

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