The Benefits of Metal Paint

There are many advantages of metal paint. Whether you have a decorative fence or you’re just preparing some steelwork, there’s a coating to suit any situation. With so many options to choose from, it’s difficult to decide on the product that’s right for you.

With this in mind, we’ve outlined several benefits of metal paint, so you can be confident about your decision.

Metal Paint & Its Uses

Metal paint comes in a few different forms. It can be a primer for further work, a protective coating, or a decorative feature. It’s made up of different bases such as water, epoxy, silicon and solvent. Each of these has unique purposes in order to benefit specific situations. Ultimately, it’s a coating for metal structures and is commonly used on ornamental fencing, gates and garden furniture. Additionally, it can serve a purpose in the construction industry as a protective coating for roofs, structural metal work, and even in steel for concrete.

Let’s take a deeper look at individual uses for certain metal paints, to give you a better idea of the right paint.

Preventing Rust & Corrosion              

Certain metal paints include phosphates as a primer and undercoat. These chemicals help reduce corrosion and rust. As we all know, many metals suffer from corrosion and rust more than others. Steel for example is prone to these types of issues, whereas chrome-based metals are resistant. So, depending on the circumstance, opting for a metal paint that prevents rust and corrosion may be advantageous.

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Heat Resistance​

Silicon-based metal paints are very resistant to high levels of heat. In certain scenarios, such as forges, a paint that can function in high temperatures is very beneficial. If you’ve got a piece of machinery, or a structure that is situated in a hot environment, then choosing a metal paint like this might be the right decision.

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Preservation & Aesthetic

Sometimes you don’t need metal paint to function based on utility, occasionally you just want something to look nice. This is where decorative paints come in. If you’ve got an old decorative fence that’s looking a bit sad or worn out, there’s a variety of decorative metal paints on the market with various colours to choose from.

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Choose Hydron Protective Coatings For Metal Paints

If you need metal paints, but don’t know where to start, contact Hydron Protective Coatings. We pride ourselves on customer service and offer a range of different products. What’s more, we provide free consultations and have been operating for many decades, so we can advise you on the best metal paint.

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