The Best Cleaning Products for a Commercial Use

Cleaning products come in a variety of forms depending on their purpose for use. Some cleaners are used specifically to remove grime and dirt, whilst others are preventative or used in various preparations.

Let’s explore all the different options available, in order to assist you in choosing the right cleaning product for you.

The Different Kinds Of Commercial Cleaning Products & What They Do

There’s an extensive range of different commercial products on the market, and navigating the best ones for your situation can be complicated and overwhelming.

Please see below for the most popular brands, and what they’re best used for:

Heavy-Duty Acidic Cleaners

These kinds of cleaning products are reserved for heavy-duty stain removal on surfaces that aren’t affected by acidic chemicals. Stone, brick and block walls are extremely resistant to acid, which is convenient, as that is what is required to remove stubborn stains such as mortar. Mortar is needed to bind these materials together during construction, and often stains in the process. As a result, having a cleaning product capable of dissolving these types of stains without damaging the wall itself is extremely useful.

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Water Soluble Degreasers

Degreasing cleaning products are used in a number of ways. Firstly, they’re great at removing stubborn stains and greasy residue. Secondly, they provide the perfect starting point for work such as redecoration or wood staining. The water-soluble element means they don’t use harsh chemicals such as acids or solvents. As a result, they can be applied liberally to clean surfaces or prepare them for future work.

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Solvent-Based Cleaning Products

Solvent-based cleaners are used in products such as paving or deck cleaners. They remove stubborn stains without the need for harsher chemicals such as brick acid. Some grime and dirt are difficult to remove with a standard water-soluble cleaning product, so having a good middle ground between water and acid is ideal.

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Neutralising Cleaning Products

There are certain niche cleaning products, such as our SN1 Salt Neutraliser, which are designed for specific purposes. Often, in structures such as stone walls or blockwork, you can face a salt residue issue due to lime. Coating a surface like this in a neutralising cleaning product can allow you to paint it without the concern of salt or lime stains working their way through.

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