The Different Types Of Masonry Paint

Masonry paint can come in several forms for different environments and purposes. It’s important to carefully consider these elements, as using the wrong base chemical can result in damage or a poor finish.

We understand that all the different products available can make choosing the right paint confusing and overwhelming. As a result, we’ve put together this useful guide on the different kinds of masonry paint, to assist you in this decision.

What Is Masonry Paint?

This style of paint is designed for surfaces made up of stone. Now, this is not just reserved for natural walls, it can be any surface that is made up of a stone-based material. This means concrete and pre-formed blocks too. It comes in various colours and consists of chemicals that help it stick to rough exteriors. Additionally, masonry paint is designed to be resistant to efflorescence and chemicals such as lime.

paint masonry brick wall

Water-Based Masonry Paint

Water-based masonry paint is a popular choice for most people looking to paint a stone surface. It’s easy to apply, very breathable and much simpler to wash off in the case of an accident. Furthermore, it’s usually more cost-effective due to water being less costly than other alternatives


Anti-carbonation paint deserves a specific mention because it’s water-based, but it still offers some of the benefits of oil-based paints. It’s extremely weather resistant, provides a 10-year protection guarantee and helps protect from problems such as acid rain.

paint red brick wall

Silicon-Based Paint

This type of masonry paint is often used where water-based paint just doesn’t cut it. Usually, the scenario where one would opt for this type of product is on a wall or surface that receives a lot of bad weather, such as the exterior of a stone farmhouse. Although it is more expensive, harder to clean and less breathable, it is still a fantastic choice.

Not only this, but it also provides resistance to a number of factors including:

  • Moss & Algae
  • Freezing Conditions
  • Abrasions
  • Dirt
  • Pollution

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