How Energy Saving Wall Coatings Can Improve Heat Loss

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Over the years there have been a number of developments that have improved the thermal efficiency of our buildings. Energy saving wall coatings are a great, simple way to upgrade your property without parting with large sums of cash. Let’s discover more about how they work.

What Is An Energy Saving Wall Coating?

Energy saving wall coatings are essentially specialist paints. They’re formulated with additional water resistance and thermal insulation. This means that as the weather outside gets colder, your home is more resistant to heat loss. These coatings are also less prone to accumulating dirt, moss, mould and grime. They can also reduce noise pollution and even boost fire resistance. There are many benefits to choosing a protective wall coating, and the result will last for 15 years or longer!

How Are Wall Coatings Applied?

The products you apply will vary, depending on what your existing paintwork is and your desired result. There are clear energy saving wall coatings which are applied on top of what you already have. These allow you to reap the benefits of a protective wall coating without having to change the appearance of your property.

You can also get 2-part systems that consist of a white or off-white basecoat and a topcoat. The topcoat can come in any colour you wish. Although these may demand a change to your property’s appearance, they offer increased weather protection and better energy efficiency.

Wall being Coated

How Do Energy Saving Wall Coatings Work?

When brickwork gets wet, it’s not as effective at insulating your property. In fact, wet masonry or bricks will cause your home to lose heat. Any walls that haven’t had an appropriate coating applied will be subjected to this. Energy saving wall coatings prevent rain and damp from permeating bricks and masonry, therefore increasing its thermal resistance.

For Wall Coatings, Choose Hydron PC

We stock a number of colours and types of wall coatings. If you’d like to improve the durability and efficiency of your property’s exterior, take advantage of our products. We are based in the UK and deliver worldwide, so everyone can benefit from our superior paints and coatings.


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