How To Paint Metal Surfaces

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Over time, metal surfaces can lose their shine. Whether they’ve been previously coated or the metal has been exposed for many years, if it’s still in good condition and needs a spruce up, a coat of metal paint can help. Because metal is not a very adhesive surface and has a tendency to rust, it’s important to use the right products and techniques if you want a lasting finish. Here’s our recommendation for painting your metal surfaces.

Choose The Right Metal Paint

Metal paint comes in both oil and water-based formulations. As a general rule, oil-based paint requires a little more skill to work with, but the results last for longer. Water-based paints are easier to work with, but they may need to be repainted more often. It’s important that you choose a paint specifically designed for metal surfaces. Other paints will not adhere well and will probably end up peeling or flaking off. No two metals are the same, so make sure the paint you’re using is appropriate for the type of metal you’re painting.

How To Apply Metal Paint

Both types of paint can be brushed, rolled or sprayed on, depending on the specific product’s instructions and your preference. Brushed-on paint tends to have a more even coating, whereas sprayed-on paint can be more difficult to apply evenly. Complicated shapes, like wrought-iron fences may be far easier to paint using a spray method. Consider the surface you’re working with and your skill level before deciding which method to use.

Prep The Surface

Before you paint metal, the surface needs to be prepped. Paint does not adhere to metal as well as other surfaces, so you need to give it the best base possible. On surfaces with existing metal paint, this will need to be sanded off first. You also need to remove any rust, dirt, grease or other debris using a good scrubbing tool. Even if the metal surface is completely clear, it’s still a good idea to give it a scrub to roughen up the surface. This creates a ‘key’ for the primer to stick to. Once the metal surface is ready, apply an even coat of primer following the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Apply The Paint

Once your metal surface is primed and ready, you can start to apply the metal paint. Mix the paint thoroughly before you begin. Start by coating the intricate areas, ensuring the whole surface is covered. Use long, sweeping motions and try to paint in the same direction so that the finish is even. It’s better to apply several thinner coats than less thick ones, so we’d recommend preparing enough time to do a few coats. Sand in between each layer to ensure there’s plenty to adhere to and be sure to check the instructions for how long to leave in between coats.

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Adobestock 58745636

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